Jesse Gordon is a jack of many trades and a master of some. When he is not practicing law or spending time with his family, he is either glued to his computer, at the nearest used book store, thrift store or junk shop. If you can’t find him, its a good bet he’s gone out looking for something to bring home.


4 Responses to About

  1. aline says:

    i just found your site…there used to be a cool shopper that just fell off the earth..

    you might be interested that sam maloof died this week and you can now tour the glass house we got tickets on craigslist last year…

    since you are doing this work i am wondering what trends you might see…when is there is an abundance of sales …do you ever notice how sometimies early is too early…and i have been wondering about the life of an object…say a chair once in the living room then in the basement then at the shore or country house …does that mean some really good stuff might be where you might not think…
    we like kay bojesen and i have puffin that was bought at a boyscout jamboree in 1958 and is so mint…can you imagine the boy that spent the big bucks on the danish toy…Happy Sailing…tis the season!

  2. Dale Gluckman says:

    I am the co-curator of the exhibition “Masters of Mid-Century California Modernism: Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman” at Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego. Thank you for your kind comments. Hope you and those who check out your site will attend the symposium on the Ackermans and mid-century California moderism on Saturday, June 27th 12:30-5:30 at the museum. Speakers include Jo Lauria, co-curator of the show, myself and other mid-century modernism specialists. Please come. Check out http://www.mingei.org website for more details.

  3. Jerry Gropp Architect AIA says:

    Jesse- Please send me an eMail so I can send you what I posted about FindingTheGrail on RainCityGuide today. Jerry

  4. Jesse-
    Just sent to my Lawyer- George Smith
    of Mercer Island. Jerry

    George- I thought you might find this
    of interest. You’ll see me mentioned
    on his design-oriented WebSite. Jerry
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