I’m not in Kansas anymore…

Quick quiz:

What do Draper and Thorpe have in common?

a) Both have the first name Dorothy

b) Both have designed Hollywood Regency pieces highly coveted by collectors

c) I have recently found pieces designed by both (one at a thrift store and one at a yard sale)

d) All of the above

In case you haven’t figured it out, the correct answer is “d”

So, what did the Dorothy deities bestow upon me, you ask?

First there’s the Dorothy Thorpe lucite and chrome candelabra I found at a yard sale for a couple of bucks.  Actually, I have to give my father credit for this one, as he spotted it before I did.


Dorothy Thorpe Candelabra

Long story short, I sold it on ebay. 1 week and 19 bids later…drum role please………. $330.00

The second item, may be even better than the first. A Dorothy Draper Espana three drawer  chest.


Dorothy Draper Espana Dresser

Mine is white with gold accents and the brasses need to be cleaned up. It is not a Heritage Henredon version……but still a good score.  The prices these go for on 1stdibs (even painted in funny colors) is INSANE.

Haven’t yet decided whether to sell or keep it.  Once my wife finds out that they made an appearance in Sex in The City, I have a feeling my white Draper chest might not be going anywhere.

Sex in the City


2 Responses to I’m not in Kansas anymore…

  1. Deb Colvin says:

    Wow, You are good! I am a treasure hunter/ thrift storeaholic, and I do a lot on Ebay. I thought I was good, but you are amazing. What terrific finds!

  2. alexamae says:

    Its amazing…You’re great.. interesting blog.

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