Sweet Deal on Arts & Architecture 1945-54: The Complete Reprint


A cover

A cover

I love mid century architecture/design books and periodicals.  I’ve spent way too much time over the years searching for these books and magazines.  Fortunately, in the process, I have amassed a nice book collection.  Hint: Keep your eyes peeled for publications by Reinhold, Praeger, F.W. Dodge and Braziller

One of my better book/magazine finds, was a huge pile of 1950’s Graphis magazines in a recycling pile on 86th and West End Avenue. (I am not above digging through trash)  Many of these are now held in a Mathieu Mategot magazine rack in my office. This story, though, is not really on point.

Another publication I have always hoped to find in the trash is Arts & Arcitecture from the late 1940’s & 1950’s.  This is primarily because of Arts & Architecture’s comprehensive documentation of the Case Study House program.

Arts & Architecture has a fantastic web site dedicated to the CSH program where you can view the articles documenting the program. If you haven’t seen it, go take a look.

If you’re like me and prefer the tactile experience of turning paper, Taschen recently released a collosal 10 volume set called, “Arts & Architecture 1945-54: The Complete Reprint”  


The Full Set

The Full Set

Ten boxes, each containing a full year of the magazine-it’s almost too much.  The only problem, the $700.00 price tag.

But don’t lament.  I was cruising the internet last night and discovered that Barney’s NY has the whole set on sale at half price….yup half price.  That’s  $350.00. This purchase now seems reasonable….or reasonabler. Even better, free shipping. 

Beware, however, if you live in NY- you will have to pay Sales Tax. 

Click here for the link to the Barney’s website


3 Responses to Sweet Deal on Arts & Architecture 1945-54: The Complete Reprint

  1. Wonderful Jesse- I’m going to see if I can get this from our King County Library System. I probably read them all as they came out back then. New Homes Guide
    was somewhat the same in perhaps a broader appeal. J-

  2. Jesse- Further thoughts- All of us (then young) architects devoured each A&A issue which far surpassed the other advertiser-dominated architectural publications of the time. The photographs were wonderful and were of the overall effect plus the details that comprised them. Barney’s $350 is better than the $700 list. However we still have a recession focused on architects especially. Jerry

  3. frances says:

    fyi: A&A is marked down even further at barneys (thanks for that link!)! At $175 plus tax and s&h, it’s a steal!

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